Why You Need Septic and Grease Trap Services for Covid-19 Prep

Why You Need Septic and Grease Trap Services for Covid-19 Prep

Why You Need Septic and Grease Trap Services for Covid-19 Prep

10 March 2022
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As a restaurant owner, you know that sanitization is vital to your business. It not only helps your customers feel safe during their dining experience, it also maintains your business for health inspections and related events. One of the issues that has become part of the day-to-day operations of restaurants and other social-based businesses is Covid-19. You may already be getting special sanitization services related to this illness. However, here are some reasons to add those special services to your septic and grease trap cleaning routine. 

Backed Up Waste

Many restaurants, more than likely yours as well, had to shut down during the start of the virus. Many restaurants moved to offering takeout options and curbside delivery. This meant that the septic system can sit stagnate for a long period of time. Clogs and backed-up waste can accumulate in the septic lines. This is not only unsafe for your restaurant—it can also cause a build-up of health issues that can get into your plumbing or back up and backflow into your restaurant. A skilled industrial septic service can pump the tank safely and ensure the chance of illness or exposure to any of the waste is reduced greatly. 

Grease Trap Bacteria

Grease traps harbor the grease and oils from foods, and bacteria that can live within that grease. The longer this is allowed to sit in the trap without proper cleaning, the greater the chance of bacteria entering the restaurant through plumbing. You may also find a breakdown of the grease traps or a breakdown of the exterior trap that can cause contamination to the entire property. Part of Covid-19 disinfection and Covid-19 sanitization services is pumping and cleaning the grease trap on a routine basis to reduce the chances of bacterial contact. 

Clearing Waste Systems

In addition to routine cleaning and waste removal from your waste systems, you should also consider disinfection of the entire area. This disinfection process will cover several aspects of the restaurant. For example, the disinfection process can help to clear waste systems, pumps, and filters. It can also clean floors, equipment, sinks, and drainage areas near your oil vats and in bathrooms and kitchens. 

If you are ready to add your septic and grease trap cleaning services to your Covid-19 preparation and sanitization list, contact an industrial cleaning company of your choice. They will assess the current status of your restaurant. They can determine from there what steps to take to ensure the safety of your business and your customers. 

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