The Summer Storm Damage Guide To Deal With Fallen Branches And Trees That Cause Damage To Property

The Summer Storm Damage Guide To Deal With Fallen Branches And Trees That Cause Damage To Property

The Summer Storm Damage Guide To Deal With Fallen Branches And Trees That Cause Damage To Property

15 May 2020
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The summer months often mean that storms can cause serious damage to your home. The trees around your home can often be the cause of the damage and may need to be cared for when you are dealing with storm damage, fallen branches, and downed trees. The following storm damage guide will help you deal with the fallen branches and downed trees after summer storms:

Be Aware Of The Hazards That Are Caused By Fallen Branches And Utility Lines That Are Near Trees

There are a lot of hazards that you want to be aware of when trees have caused damage to your home. These problems include downed power lines and debris from trees. If there are damaged utility lines, you will want to contact the utility company to help to deal with these problems before you start doing anything with the trees. You may also need help dealing with large branches and fallen trees that have cause debris hazards.

Removing Fallen Branches That Have Caused Damage To Your Home And Other Property Damage

The fallen branches on your home and other areas of your property will need to be removed to complete the storm damage repairs that need to be done. If you are removing the branches on your own, you will want to start by removing the smaller sections of branches one piece at a time. If you are dealing with a larger tree and heavy branches, it may be a better idea to contact a professional tree service for dealing with the problems.

Dealing With Trees And Branches That Are Close To Causing Damage to Your Home or Other Property

There are also problems with trees and branches that may not have fallen yet. If there are branches that have been weakened or damaged by the storm, they will need to be removed before they do fall on your property. In addition, sometimes the root systems of trees can cause hazards that need to be dealt with, and there may be some trees that need to be removed from your property.

Trimming The Branches and Thinning The Canopy That Threatens Your Property To Avoid Future Storm Damage

There are also some problems that can create hazards during the next storm. Some of these problems are due to unhealthy growth, dead branches, and branches that have been weakened by storms. Therefore, you may want to have the canopy of trees thinned out in areas where your home is most vulnerable to damage during the next storm.

These are some of the things that you will want to do to deal with downed trees and fallen branches that have caused damage to property after summer storms. If you need help dealing with emergency tree care after summer storms, contact a tree care service, such as Joshua Tree & Landscape Co, for help with this damage.

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