Tips For Ordering And Utilizing A Residential Trash Dumpster

Tips For Ordering And Utilizing A Residential Trash Dumpster

Tips For Ordering And Utilizing A Residential Trash Dumpster

18 May 2019
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If you are moving, cleaning out a relative's home you inherited, or are planning a major garage cleanout project, then renting a trash dumpster is the way to go. While you should donate usable items to a local thrift store and keep them out of the landfill, you will invariably end up with a lot of damaged or otherwise unusable items that need to be disposed of. Rather than planning to use your household trashcan or take trips to the landfill yourself, having a dumpster brought to your property will make the job a whole lot easier and nicer.

If you've never rented a residential trash dumpster before, then these tips will ensure you are successful:

Tip: Rent the Dumpster One Size Bigger Than You Think You Need

One of the first things you will discover when reading about trash dumpsters is they come in many different sizes. If you have a hard time visualizing how big each dumpster really is, then either go look at them in person or draw their outlines on your driveway using chalk and a tape measure.

Once you decide on the size of dumpster you think you need, then order the one that's one size bigger. People generally underestimate the amount of trash generated during a large cleanout project and running out of dumpster space is really frustrating when you are in the middle of the project.

Tip: Crush Everything Before Loading It into the Dumpster

Since you are paying for every square foot of the dumpster, take the time to crush down every item before you toss it into the dumpster. If you have larger items such as broken reclining chairs or things in boxes, then make the effort to take them apart and flatten all of the boxes before you put them in the dumpster. 

Tip: Heed Instructions About Items that Cannot be Placed into the Rented Dumpster

When you rent a trash dumpster it will come with a list of things you aren't permitted to put into it for disposal. It's vital you heed these instructions and keep the following items out of the dumpster:

  • hazardous substances or liquids (asbestos, batteries, paint, motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides, medical waste)
  • tires
  • electronic waste (computers, cell phones, laptops, televisions, microwave ovens)
  • freon-containing appliances (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners)

Finally, many dumpster services also require you to order a special type of dumpster for construction waste, broken concrete, or yard waste.

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